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Enabling a secure, trusted, and incentivized way of relaying valuable personal information from customers You can use the API-DOC in test mode, which doesn't affect your live data or interact with the banking networks. The API key you use to authenticate the request determines whether the request is live mode or test mode.

Revolutionize your data game with Hushh Developer APIs! Tailored for businesses and organizations of all stripes, our APIs empower YOUR developers to seamlessly integrate customers’ data into CRM systems and applications. Picture this: a new era of data driven excellence, where developers get consent driven, first-hand customer data and let personalized services take the center stage for their brand.

Because in the world of luxury retail, the future is personalized, and your customers deserve nothing less!

Our current main customers include:

Retail businesses

Step into the future of retail excellence with Hush APIs- a game changer for high-end luxury giants as well as e-commerce businesses.

  • Precision Marketing: Imagine a world where marketing strategies are not just targeted but finely tuned to match individual customer preferences
  • Another Layer of luxury: Add another layer of luxury to your customers’ experience by serving them with exactly what they need by understanding individual preferences.

Because it’s not just about selling, it’s about crafting an unforgettable journey for customers.

Application Developers

  • Enabling a world, where your applications not only meet but exceed user expectations, all thanks to the power of Hushh.
  • It’s your key to unlocking first-hand consent driven customer data without worrying about privacy laws and regulations.
  • Whether you’re crafting the next groundbreaking app or enhancing your CRM system, we’ve got it covered.
  • With Hushh, developers become architects of bespoke interactions, aligning applications with user preferences and consent.
  • Set a new standard for excellence and help your brand build a meaningful connection with the customers.

Where do we get our data from:

Wondering where we get our data from ? It’s simple- the owners are in control! Your data, your terms, and absolutely no cloud syncing without your consent.

Now let’s talk sources- the vital components that fuel the Hushh engine, right there on your device! Users have full authority over the data they choose to share. Data syncing to the cloud only occurs with the user’s explicit consent. Our API’s adhere to GDPR compliance standards.

Data Categories in Hushh:

Category 1- User-Owned Data:

  1. User’s GMAIL
  2. Photos access (selective)
  3. Folders access (selective)
  4. Apple Health data
  5. Financial data

Category 2- Hushh-collected Data:

  1. Hushh-Button interactions
  2. Hushh Chrome Extension
  3. User surveys via Hushh app

Users retain ownership and control in both categories of data. We make use of multiple AI-based models as well as state-of-the-art techniques to efficiently and securely extract relevant information from all these diverse data sources.

We just don’t collect, we curate! Because it’s not just about coding; it’s about creating a future where applications are as unique as the individuals who use them.

Why hushh?

We cater to developers who want to spruce up their applications designed mainly for end-users, sales agents, and influencers. hushh is for you if:

  1. Need direct access to granular personal user data for applications.
  2. Use cross-functional data points that you can't collect on your own.
  3. Only use consent-driven, privacy-respecting, transparent data compliant with regulations.

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Future of “Digital Identity” & “Personalised Experiences”

Manish Sainani, 2024

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Future of “Digital Identity” & “Personalised Experiences”

Manish Sainani, 2024

Call +14252969050

© 2023 Hush1One Inc. All rights reserved.