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Hushh is a revolutionary concierge app that transforms luxury experiences through the power of voice, AI, and real-time data. Unlike traditional concierge services, Hushh prioritizes your needs, not just your preferences with Gen AI

Here's how

Hushh elevates

your experience

Here's how Hushh elevates your experience

Our technology services deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to drive efficiency, enhance performance, and fuel growth in today's digital landscape.

Effortless Service​

Simply speak your request using the app, and Hushh translates it into action. No more searching or filling out forms.​

Personalized Recommendations​​​

Hushh analyzes your intent, not just your preferences, to recommend services that truly match your needs.​​

Real-Time Responses​

Get immediate responses to your requests from top-tier service providers, competing for your attention.

Discretion and Privacy​​​

Your identity and preferences remain confidential. Requests are shared anonymously with relevant service providers.​​

Exclusive Opportunities​

Access exclusive deals and hidden gem recommendations you won't find anywhere else

Hushh caters to a wide range
of needs, including

Hushh caters to a wide range of needs, including


Bespoke itineraries, private jet charters, exclusive tours



VIP access to high-profile events, private viewings, red carpet experiences



Personal shopping, home management, day-to-day errands, specialized requests


Concierge App


Hushh Difference

Receipt Radar revolutionizes the way you handle receipts. With automatic scanning, smart categorization, and customizable options, managing expenses becomes a breeze. Simplify your life and take control of your finances with Receipt Radar today!

Flips the Script

Users seeking services become services seeking users, putting you in control.

Powered by AI

 Leverages cutting-edge technology to understand your intent and deliver personalized recommendations

Real-Time Matching

Connects you with the right service providers instantly

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Future of “Digital Identity” & “Personalised Experiences”

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© 2024 HushOne Inc. All rights reserved.

Future of “Digital Identity” & “Personalised Experiences”

Manish Sainani, 2024

Call +14252969050

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