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Find the right plan for your needs

Join Hushh on a journey of personal data empowerment. From free access to basic services to the ultimate luxury experiences, Hushh crafts tailored solutions for every facet of your digital life.

- Basic Tier: Suitable for new users exploring the platform

- Pro Tier: Designed for users needing more personalized and advanced services.

- Ultra X: Caters to individuals requiring premium, professional services.

- Ultra Max: Offers the pinnacle of luxury and personalization with exclusive services and products.


Free /mo

Ads included

Basic AI functionalities



$9.99 /mo

No Ads

Advanced personal insights and data integration


Ultra X

$99 /request

No Ads

Bespoke AI concierge services


Including real-time decision support


Ultra Max

$499 /mo

No Ads

Full-suite personal assistant with predictive lifestyle management


24/7 support available


This strategy aims to set a new standard in luxury and professional product offerings and innovates the building and maintenance of affiliate sales forces in the tech industry. It focuses on high engagement and significant earnings potential for affiliates.


Key Highlights

  • Simplicity & Transparency

    Pricing is designed to be straightforward across all services, ensuring users can easily select the tools that best fit their needs without encountering hidden fees.

  • Scalable Solutions

    From free basic access to premium options, services are built to scale with the growth of individuals & businesses, ensuring long-term support

  • Community Focus

    Beyond the tools and platforms, Hushh fosters a community for support, learning, and collaboration, enhancing the value of every subscription.



Final Takeaway

Hushh’s diverse pricing strategy aims to democratize access to powerful data and AI tools, making them accessible to a wide audience. Whether you’re a consumer trusting us with your data, a developer building the next big app, a sales agent aiming for your next target, or a creator curating unique experiences, Hushh provides the tools, support, and platform to achieve your goals. With Hushh, embrace a smarter, more secure, and personalized digital future.


This summary aims to convey Hushh’s commitment to delivering value through innovative, user-centric products and services, ensuring clear communication of pricing and offerings to foster trust and loyalty across all user segments.

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Future of “Digital Identity” & “Personalised Experiences”

Manish Sainani, 2024

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Future of “Digital Identity” & “Personalised Experiences”

Manish Sainani, 2024

Call +14252969050

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